Tired of Losing Your Lighter?

Then check out our line of lighter holders made to keep your full size bic lighter from getting lost or stolen! We offer 16 Color Options!

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Keychain Lighter Holders w/ Spring Clips

Cap Your Lighter

By keeping your lighter secured in one of our lighter holders made for full-size bic lighters, you minimize the risk of accidental fires or burns. It's particularly beneficial for households with children or pets, ensuring that your lighter is safely out of their reach.

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Trackable Lighter Holders

Track Your Lighter

TRACK ANYWHERE YOU GO: Rather you're at home or on-the-go, easily find your lighters with ease with Lighter Locators Trackable Lighter Holders. Made from high-quality silicone, you can easily protect, track and use your favorite lighter when needed. Compatible with Full Size BIC Lighters and Apple Airtags.

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Magnetic Lighter Holders

Includes Strong Magnet

Our Magnetic Lighter Case by Lighter Locators features a powerful magnet that securely attaches to any magnetic surface, ensuring your lighter stays in place even during movement or vibrations. This strong magnet is attached to our lighter sleeve and can be easily mounted on various metal surfaces, such as refrigerators, toolboxes, workbenches, and more. It provides convenient access to your lighter wherever you need it most.

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  • High-Quality Keychain Lighter Holder w/ Spring Clip

    Our High quality silicone lighter sleeves with spring clips are Compatible with J6 BIC Lighters. Never Lose Your Light Again!

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  • Trackable Lighter Holders by Lighter Locators

    Track your favorite items including bags, tools and more, all with a lighter attached. Compatible with BIC lighters and Apple Airtags.

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  • With 16 Vibrant Color Options to Choose From

    You'll easily spot your favorite colored keychain lighter holder. Pick your favorite color to show off your own personalized style.

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Help Us Stop Lighter Thieves For Good!

Check out our line of lighter keychains & lighter holders to see what works best for you & your friends. Compatible with J6 BIC Lighters and Apple Airtags.